Assessing Government Procurement and Transparency

Tools in Appendices A-C in "A Practical Approach to Pharmaceutical Policy" by Dr Andreas Seiter

Developed by: Dr Andreas Seiter, World Bank Institute

Objective: To provide guidance on assessing the pharmaceutical sector in countries, recognising typical “patterns of dysfunction” and to develop strategies to quickly deal with the most urgent problems while building a platform for sustainable long term policy.

Output: An assessment report of country pharmaceutical system and an assessment report of country public procurement system.

Additional information: This book offers policy-makers a hands-on approach, with examples from a variety of low and middle income countries and provides practical assessment tools for policy-makers. The book ends with the author’s outlook on future developments in this complex policy field.

Process and resources: The tools and guidance book do not require external technical assistance. The book costs US$25 or is available free online.

Link to the tool:

Country Experience:   

Assessment of pharmaceutical sector in Turkey presented in Appendix B of book.

Assessment of country public procurement system in India is given in Appendix C of book.

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