Creating and Assessing a Multi-Stakeholder Alliance

The tools in this section offer practical advice and guidance to successfully identify, approach and engage the key stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors. They also provide a snapshot of the multi-stakeholder process and suggest ways that barriers and challenges could be overcome.

Transparency around medicine and its supply chain is a sensitive issue. At best, there may be a little existing dialogue between these stakeholders; at worst, they may consider themselves ‘adversaries’. 

Bringing these stakeholders together, building trust and developing an effective working relationship takes time and commitment – but MeTA has shown it to be possible. MeTA has adapted proven methodologies for identifying and analysing the existing groups and understanding their issues, inter- relationships and the drivers that can motivate them to become engaged.

These tools need to be applied sensitively – taking the context of the country into account - but they can help to bring the stakeholders together on terms that they understand and create a new and unique sense of responsibility, accountability and ambition.

Core Tools:

Additional Tools:



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