Data Disclosure Survey

MeTA baseline component 1b

Developed by: World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Pharmaceutical Policy at Harvard University World Health Organization (WHO) / MeTA

Objective: To assess and describe the current disclosure status of information in the core areas of:

  • medicines registration and quality assurance
  • the availability of medicines
  • the price of medicines
  • the policies and practices concerning the promotion of medicines

Output:  A standardised report that presents the available disclosed information covering policies – the laws and regulations that are in place; practices – suggested procedures to follow and actual practices; and results – achievements in the core areas listed above.

Additional information: This tool enables national stakeholders to prioritise activities and facilitates progressive disclosure over time. It creates a baseline against which changes in transparency and disclosure can be measured. It also facilitates multi-stakeholder engagement since it requires that the stakeholders disclose relevant information they and the institutions they represent hold. This information is then cross validated by the multi-stakeholder group.

Process and resources:

  • This tool does not require external technical assistance or financial resources.
  • Data collectors require knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector and supply chain.
  • The data is usually supplied by the stakeholders who hold public or private sector information.

Link to the tool: 

Country Experience: The Data Disclosure Survey has been undertaken in all seven MeTA pilot countries. Country reports are downloadable as PDFs:








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