CSOs Within the MeTA Multi-Stakeholder Process

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have a long history of involvement on health and access to essential medicines, consumer protection and promotion of transparency, including many national as well as international groups. In-country CSOs are focused on health in different ways – as service providers, advocates for rights, or providers of care and support for people with specific health problems. The inclusion of CSOs as one of the three stakeholder groupings in the MeTA pilot is therefore entirely appropriate.

The MeTA Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) end of pilot report provides an overall reflection on CSOs within MeTA during the pilot period 2007-2010. It includes a list of lessons learned and recommendations for future involvement of CSOs in development of the MeTA approach to medicines access and transparency. It also provides a country-by-country analysis of the process and learning gained relating to each of the seven MeTA CSO coalitions.

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