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The MeTA Global Forum brought together international and national stakeholders from the public and private sectors and from civil society. It was a four day programme of presentations, discussions and debates.


A national forum for MeTA in the Philippines will be held from 26-27 January, 2010. Events around this forum will include a Q&A for the private sector on 25 January and a meeting of the CSO coalition on 28 January.


A two-day workshop on the experience and challenges of multi-stakeholder working will be led by two facilitators from Wageningen University who have long experience of working with multi-stakeholder processes in a variety of...


MeTA, in conjunction with DFID, the World Bank and a team from the Harvard School of Public Health are conducting a flagship course on pharmaceutical policy and reform from 8 - 14 January 2010 in Jordan. Participants will be drawn from the countries involved in the MeTA pilot phase.


Presentation on MeTA to form part of a roundtable session on the promotion of transparency and accountability in the health sector in Vietnam on 17 November, 2009


MeTA to hold a consultative meeting with the pharmaceutical industry - 23 June 2009


Online discussion on access to reproductive health essential medicines - 15-26 June 2009


MeTA representatives to attend World Health Assembly - May 2009


National launch of MeTA Jordan - 31 May 2009


National launch of MeTA Kyrgyzstan - 16 April 2009

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