Posted on 14 July 2010

The MeTA Global Forum brought together international and national stakeholders from the public and private sectors and from civil society. It was a four day programme of presentations, discussions and debates – where delegates from all stakeholder groups in the MeTA pilot countries shared their experiences, successes and challenges of the last two years.

On Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 June we ran workshops, presentations and information sessions that allowed MeTA country delegates and associates to share experience and expertise and helped bring together lessons learned from both the country and international level.

On Thursday 1 July these experiences were shared with a wider audience. Representatives from the seven MeTA countries and speakers from a range of organisations such as the Department for International Development, the World Bank, the World Health Organization and Harvard University presented successes and challenges that the programme has faced and achieved to date. Throughout each session, attendees had the opportunity to put questions to speakers and panellists and be a part of this important conversation.

On 2 July 2010 there was a practical forward planning meeting to outline a clear framework of moving forward.

The forum:

  • recognised the achievements of MeTA pilot countries and programme
  • acknowledged what we have learnt about the challenges in the pilot design
  • recognised the continued importance of transparency and accountability
  • identified how learning from the pilot will contribute to ongoing transparency and accountability efforts.

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