Understanding and Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion: A practical guide

Developed by: Health Action International (HAI) and World health organisation (WHO)

Objective:  To help medical and pharmacy students understand the promotional activity to which they are exposed and analyse information about medicines in order to make informed choices that will contribute to the health of patients.

Output:  Practical training for students on how to recognise various promotional techniques and how to access quality, independent information about medicines.             

Additional information: The manual is a first step in addressing the need for students to consider their central role as a target for pharmaceutical marketing and to provide some understanding of how this fits into the wider context of promotion. It was finalised in November 2010 and is being distributed to medical and pharmacy schools in hard copy or electronic format in English, Russian and Spanish. To obtain hard or electronic copies and for technical support contact HAI Global (Tel: + 31 20 683 3684/e-mail: ).

Link to the tool: http://www.haiweb.org/03_other.htm 

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