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Medicine Price Components

... Developed by: Health Action International (HAI) / World Health Organization (WHO) Objective: To categorise price component costs in the medicine supply chain, identifying those components with the most ... can be conducted separately or as part of a full WHO/HAI medicine price and availability survey. The price ... price components along the medicine distribution c

Medicine Price and Availability Monitoring

... Developed by: Health Action International (HAI)   Objective: To inform consumers and purchasers ... methods. Process and resources: As part of the WHO/HAI Project on Medicine Prices and Availability, on-line ... medicine price and availability survey using the WHO/ HAI methodology. A data collector with good knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector and supply c

Supply Chain Mapping

Supply Chain Mapping Supply Chain Mapping Developed by: Prof. Prashant Yadav and colleagues at the ... To provide a deeper and structured understanding of the supply chain for medicines in low and middle income countries.  This information ... which provides an in depth assessment of the pharmaceutical supply c

Medicines Promotion: Assessing the Nature, Extent ...

... and Impact of Regulation Developed by: Health Action International (HAI) / MeTA Objective:  To determine the scope of regulation which ... Promotion. To pilot the tool and for further information contact HAI Global on e-mail: . Link to the tool:


News 10/03/2009 Information about medicines: where to start? WHO/HAI medicine prices surveys provide important data for six MeTA countries 10/03/2009 Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline pledges cheap medicine for world's ...

Understanding and Responding to Pharmaceutical Pro...

... A practical guide Developed by: Health Action International (HAI) and World health organisation (WHO) Objective:   To help medical ... obtain hard or electronic copies and for technical support contact HAI Global (Tel: + 31 20 683 3684/e-mail: ). Link to the tool:  


... Uganda Zambia   Price Overview Peru Zambia Availability Overview Jordan Philippines Quality Overview Kyrgyzstan Ghana Promotion Overview - HAI Overview Uganda

MeTA Governance

... phase. Two organisations with global medicines policy expertise form the IMS: World health Organization (WHO) and Health Action International (HAI Global). The IMS also coordinates, organises, promotes and supports national secretariats, channels technical and financial support to the ... MeTA. It maintains contact with them, organises meetings of MeTA working groups groups working through regional and national staff of WHO and

World Pharma Newsfeed

... 122 123 124 125 126 127 Next » Lilly Sends Relief to Haiti Earthquake Victims Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: ... earthqua... Abbott Increases Aid to $2.5 Million for Haiti Relief and Recovery Efforts Working directly with ... equivalent of over USD 2.5 million for victims of Haiti earthquake Through its local organizations in ... announced that the company will donate $2 million to


... taking place and the outcomes of this activity. Ghana Network Formation Quality Testing Jordan Disclosure Hypertension Medicines Supply Chain Kyrgyzstan Asthma Drug Quality Mental Health Philippines GGM Awards Health Financing Medicine Price Components Private Sector Uganda ...

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