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Tune in to the latest news, activities and events from MeTA Uganda in their July 2012 newsletter.


This note provides advice and guidance to existing and prospective MeTA countries – and specifically their national Secretariats and multi-stakeholder groups or Councils – as they take steps towards establishing the practice of routine disclosure of key medicines data.Guidance for Workplan submissions

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MeTA, in conjunction with DFID, the World Bank and a team from the Harvard School of Public Health are conducting a flagship course on pharmaceutical policy and reform from 8 - 14 January 2010 in Jordan. Participants will be drawn from the countries involved in the MeTA pilot phase.


Presentation on MeTA to form part of a roundtable session on the promotion of transparency and accountability in the health sector in Vietnam on 17 November, 2009


MeTA to hold a consultative meeting with the pharmaceutical industry - 23 June 2009

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